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I am an electronic product designer and convert new concepts to products. I started working in 1986 and ever since, I've managed to handle things ranging from servicing electronic equipments to managing production to Research and Development. In 1993, I went to management school and that was the start of my business career. Something within me longed to do something different and so, in 1993, I quit my job and started design consulting as my career. It was difficult in the beginning, however, I had a lot of support from my clients who stayed with me all along. I am very happy to say that close to 100% of my client base are with me for 3 years or more. Some are with me since the very beginning

I used to freelance globally via the Guru.com, GetAFreelancer.com and Elance.com (now Upwork.com) portals under the username embedded.design or jerson or jerson fernandes. I seek challenging work and want to be able to deliver products of international quality. Basically, I try to be the best among the lot of designers. I am grateful to so many people for trusting me with their work, so much, so that today I have a huge repertoire of projects covering almost every field of electronics ranging from industrial automation to consumer goods and medical equipments.

Just in case you like to see or hear a novice musician, here are some songs that I have played and sung