OLED failures story

If you're fascinated by the speedy development in OLED technology and are thinking this is something you need to use in your products, take the time to think again.

Here are a few pictures of brand new & unused OLED devices that have failed just lying in the bin of my parts to use.

This particular display shows how it should look like when good. The silver backing is clear and looks undamaged.

This display shows how the silver backing has simply faded away / dissipated with time.

The average age of these displays would be around 7-9 years. What that means is that you would be unwise if you use it expecting a long life of the product

Now think of the high priced OLED TVs out there. Are they really worth the money you're spending on them? Are these just use and throw ?

I've learnt that OLEDs cannot be trusted and have a big bunch of them to prove it.

Good luck

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